About Us

Waterchem is expert in water treatment and filtration technology.
Waterchem provides customers with comprehensive and advanced water treatment solutions including chemical solutions,
Equipment and filters for water supply, water, technology and wastewater for various industries
Such as food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, mechanics, chemicals, textiles, electronics, electronics and superconducts, paper, cement ...

Waterchem has a full line of state-of-the-art equipment and support staff, Ensure the implementation of technical service work with deadlines, quality and Prices always meet the strict requirements of customers.

Quality policy: “State of the art technology for invaluable natural resource”

With this policy, Waterchem commits:

  1. To supply highest quality products and services, that satisfies best customers’ needs
  2. To develop the skills of its personnel through both internal and external training
  3. To enhance production and business capabilities to achieve customer’s belief





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