Multimedia Filter

Multimedia Filter

Multimedia Filter Systems also known as depth filters or turbidity filters contain two or more types of media and gravel under-bedding. The gravel is used as a support to keep smaller medias out of the distribution system and to stop channeling of water.

Our multimedia system is design for the removal of turbidity in the water caused by sand, silt, ferric iron and oxidized manganese or sulfur. They are used in applications such as chlorination filtration systems, general turbidity removal and prior to ultraviolet sterilizers or water softeners.
Multimedia filtration is a proven design concept; the coarse media layers in the top of the tank trap large particles, and successfully smaller particles are trapped in the finer layers of media deeper in the bed. The result is a highly efficient filtering since removal takes place throughout the entire bed. Multimedia filters typically remove particles 5 to 15 microns in size or larger as opposed to a conventional single media sand filter which removes 30 micron or higher.