Technical services

Waterchem with skilled technical team and advanced service facilities can perform all technical services with quality, schedule and price to meet the various needs of customers. - Design water treatment systems - Install, operate, maintain water treatment systems - Clean boilers, cooling towers, chillers, RO membrane, piping - Analyze water parameters

Design water treatment systems

– Design living water treatment systems (from well water, seawater, surface water to city standard water)
– Design the purified water treatment systems and mineral water treatment systems
– Design the processed water treatment systems (for cooking beer, milk, softdrinks, alcohol, cleaning electronics parts, producing medicine, food, ect.)
– Design the waste water treatment systems.

Install operate maintain water treatment systems

– Install, operate, renovate the existing water treatment systems
– Test the activation, replace or fill in activated carbon, sand, ion exchange resin and filters
– Provide the full maitenance package for water treatment systems, boilers, cooling systems and filtration systems

Clean boilers, cooling towers, chillers, RO membranes and piping

Waterchem provides products and services for cleaning boilers, cooling towers, condensors, heat exchangers, piping in hotels, buildings and factories, and RO membranes, using its own Chemline product line.
– Chemline C1: for cleaning boilers
– Chemline C2: for cleaning cooling towers, heat exchangers, condensors
– Chemline C3: for neutralizing after cleaning with Chemline C1 and C2
– Chemline C6: for cleaning pipings in hotels, factories and buildings
– Chemline C9: for cleaning fungi and algae
– Chemline M1, M2: for cleaning RO membranes and other cleaning purposes according to customers requests.

Analyse water parameters

Our laboratory is fullly equipped with modern testing equipment and test kits, experienced testers. We provide customers with the following services:
– Living water analysis for factories, hotels and buildings and for households
– Water analysis for boilers
– Water analysis for cooling towers
– Legionella testing for 4-5 star hotels